Large choice of custom orthoses

CEO Medic offers a complete range or customised orthoses, adjusted in-store. Our graduated orthotists focus on the service and you satisfaction. Get the comfort, mobility and performance. From your head down to your toes, all day long.

Plantar orthoses

Our iBrace plantar custom orthoses follow you everywhere. Whether you’re looking for rigid, regular or delicate orthoses, we offer you orthoses that are ultraprecise, made from a 3D scan. With a large selection of quality materials, our orthotists create orthoses that are thinner, resistant, and perfectly adapted to your specifications.

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Knee orthoses

The knee orthoses and the knee supports are of great help for that important articulation. Protect. Re-educate. Stabilise. Our devices answer your particular needs, giving you performance and high technology at the same time. Our goal is to help you stay active by giving you the most adapted solutions based on your lifestyle and articulations.

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Sportive orthoses

You have a sportive spirit. Professional athlete or sports enthusiast, we have the perfect orthoses to protect your articulations, maximise your performance and promote the best recovery. We use the best technologies and put our professionalism at your service, to be able to create the best custom orthoses for you: plantar orthoses, knee orthoses, sportive knee support, and large assortment of sportive stockings and compressive garments.

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Wrist orthoses

You’re dealing with a sprained wrist, tendonitis, fracture, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthrosis or other problems. Our orthotists will give you advice on the best orthosis adapted to you needs. They have a complete inventory of wrist and thumb orthoses, from the molded wrist to the neoprene flexible orthoses. You can count on their know-how.


CEO Medic offers a wide variety of anklets. Our orthotists will advise you and adapt the best model for you, based on your type of injury or your level of activity. From rigid to flexible, our anklets will garanty a better control of your ankles movements.


Orthoses for the back, lumbar or thoracolumbar corsets. Our custom orthoses give you superior support and comfort, for man and woman. Our orthoses for the back are created to stabilise your injuries and promote recovery.

Orthoses for diabetic patients

Created to avoid pressure points, our custom orthoses for diabetic patients are very absorbent. Their composition of memory foam materials increases the comfort and resistence of the orthosis. Moreover, our orthotists can create openings to help the healing of wounds.

Cranial orthosis made from a 3D scan

The cranial orthosis is mostly used for plagiocephaly and brachycephaly. Created and manufactured with optimal precision, it helps to reduce cranial asymmetry. With the iBrace technology, only a few seconds are needed to measure the head without touching it, thanks to the 3D scan. Safely and without any ray. Finally a quick technic, without constraint or plaster, offering a no stress adaptation for the parents and the child!

Epicondylitis bracelet

The epicondylitis bracelet proved to be effective in the treatment of the tennis elbow (epicondylitis) and the golfer’s elbow (épitrochléite)! Our orthotists will perfectly adjust the orthosis and will also give you advice to activate a faster healing.

ibial orthoses

For stabilizing, support and alignment, choose our tibial custom orthoses. Made with quality materials and the highest technology, they offer outstanding adjustment and comfort, while they are light. Available in a whide choice of models rigid or articulated, paddings and articulations.

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