Métier orthésiste-prothésiste

The orthotist-prosthetist is the health care professional who has the skill to evaluate the biomechanics of the body and to fabricate, repair, or adjust orthopedic devices, i.e. orthotics and prosthetics.


Orthotics are used, for example, as a rehabilitation treatment to support, control or correct a motor, joint or functional problem. Orthotics are used as both short-term and long-term rehabilitation treatments. They can be knee orthoses, foot orthoses, body orthoses and even plagiocephaly helmets.


Prostheses are used to replace a missing segment or limb in a patient.

A complete line of orthotics

The range of orthopedic devices includes:

How to design an orthosis?

To design an orthosis or prosthesis that meets the needs of the patient, the orthotist-prosthetist draws up a biomechanical profile of the patient and takes impressions of the limb to be fitted. These impressions are used to determine the various characteristics of the orthosis or prosthesis.

The evolution of orthotic technology

While orthotists used to take impressions with plaster bands and manually manufacture orthotics, some orthotists now use digital technology such as 3D scanning and computer-assisted manufacturing.

The role of the orthotist-prosthetist

The role of the orthotist-prosthetist is not limited to the design of orthopedic devices: this professional also ensures the orthopedic rehabilitation of his patients, informs them on the maintenance and adjustment of their devices, proposes complementary solutions to them, etc.

Orthotist-prosthetist: a regulated profession

Orthotists must hold a permit from the Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec in order to practice. They can only sell orthotics and prosthetics to patients who have first obtained a medical prescription.

That said, you can consult an orthotist-prosthetist without a prescription, as he or she is qualified to evaluate your biomechanics and make recommendations. If the orthotist determines that orthopedic devices are indicated, you will need to consult your physician for a diagnosis and, if necessary, a prescription.

A doubt? Consult us!

Are you experiencing pain in your feet, knees or hips? Or is your child showing signs of pain when walking or playing sports? Wearing an orthosis may be indicated. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from a professional such as an orthotist-prosthetist at CEO Medic, the most complete orthopedic center on the North Shore, in Montreal and on the South Shore, which has been in business for over 35 years.

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