Enfant qui teste une orthèse plantaire avec l'aide d'un médecin

Kids orthotics: when to consult?

Kids orthotics: when to consult? Foot orthotics act like a tutor that helps children grow well. They guide the feet through all phases of development and help correct alignment, posture and balance problems and even reduce muscle fatigue. But how do you know if your kid needs orthotics? Here are some signs that may indicate […]


Plagiocephaly or flat head: act early!

You suspect your baby has plagiocephaly. In short, you’ve just noticed that your baby has a flat head. He’s not alone! Since the late 1990s, the number of babies with plagiocephaly has increased dramatically. This period corresponds to the roll-out of the “back sleeping” campaign by Health Canada, which has fortunately been successful in reducing […]

For a comfortable return to school

Who says September, says back to school but also for many a return to physical and sports activity. Whether for you or your children, a good foot orthotics can optimize your daily performance and reduce many risks of long-term injuries.

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