Une femme âgée qui fait de l'activité physique, touche son genou qui lui fait mal

It is important to stay active when you are suffering from knee arthrosis. The key is to go at your own pace, respecting your body and your limits. Research shows that for people living with knee arthrosis, physical activity helps reduce pain and improves quality of life. Don’t let the disease hold you back. Instead, consider all the benefits of an active lifestyle and the many solutions that can help you keep moving with confidence. 


What is arthrosis?

Arthrosis can affect all articulations, including the knees, hips and hands. It causes the deterioration of the bones and the cartilage that covers them and helps to absorb shock. This can lead to significant pain, swelling and decreased mobility of the articulation. There is no cure for arthrosis. However, it is possible, by modifying certain lifestyle habits, to better control the pain and minimize the impact of the disease on your life. 


The importance of being active

Physical activity has many benefits. Combined with a balanced diet, incorporating exercise into your daily routine will help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. This is an important factor to consider since excess weight puts additional stress on the articulations. In fact, even a small weight loss has a significant impact. It is estimated that with five pounds less, the load on your knees decreases by about 20 pounds. Surprising, isn’t it? For people with knee arthrosis, physical activity is essential because it strengthens the muscles and connective tissues that support the painful knee joints. This results in increased motor skills, independence and relieve the pain. Conversely, lack of exercise can lead to weakening of the muscles surrounding the joints, loss of muscle mass, and increased stiffness and pain. Thus, although it may be tempting to lie down to ease the pain, it is important to remember that prolonged rest is not an effective solution to adopt in the medium and long term. 


Ready to get started?

Start small by focusing on low-impact activities that you enjoy, that motivate you, and that you can tolerate. Swimming, biking, walking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are examples of activities you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Yoga and Tai Chi are also recommended for people with knee arthrosis. Many classes are offered virtually and there is always the possibility of joining a group. Go according to your preferences and interests! In general, it is recommended to do one hour of physical exercises per day, several times a week. We suggest that you start with short sessions of about 10 minutes and gradually increase the duration. To ensure your success, do not hesitate to contact the CEO Medic knee clinic team. They can develop a personalized treatment plan for you and propose an exercise program to do at home. 


Some help to stay active

There are many ways to help you stay active and reduce pain. The CEO Medic knee clinic team will be able to advise you in this regard. 


Cingal® Viscosupplementation

One treatment for knee arthrosis is Cingal® viscosupplementation. It consists of injecting into the knee a transparent substance containing hyaluronic acid that lubricates the cartilage and provides lasting pain relief. The effect of an injection can last up to six months. The product is available at CEO Medic, under prescription from your doctor, and at a competitive price. 


Knee orthosis

In order to practice your activities safely, you may need to wear a knee brace. Trust the professionals at CEO Medic to find the type of equipment that best suits your lifestyle and, most importantly, your articulations.

Get a personalized treatment plan

CEO Medic knee clinic brings together a multidisciplinary team of certified orthotists, technicians, physiotherapists and orthopedic physicians who work in synergy to provide you with the best possible results to relieve your knee pain.

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