As many as 40% of people with knee osteoarthritis experience pain. In some people, discomfort is constantly present, even at rest, which greatly reduces the quality of life and can cause daily limitations. In others, it intensifies when the weight of the body is carried by the legs, such as when they go up stairs or kneel.

Although it cannot be cured, knee osteoarthritis can be treated, for example, with Cingal® viscosupplementation. Contact the CEO Medic Knee Clinic team to find out if this is the right solution for you.

What is viscosupplementation?

A healthy knee contains synovial fluid, a viscous substance that lubricates the joint and absorbs shock. Over time, the cartilage wears down and the synovial fluid loses its viscosity and elasticity, which can lead to knee osteoarthritis.

Available from CEO Medic, the viscosupplementation offered by Cingal consists of an injection into the knee of a transparent gel-like substance that contains hyaluronic acid. This helps lubricate the cartilage (like oil lubricates the cogs of an engine) and provides long-lasting pain relief.

How can Cingal® help you?

The corticosteroid in Cingal® quickly decreases inflammation, while hyaluronic acid provides a cushion to the knee joint. Thus, a single intra-articular injection of Cingal® can provide rapid pain relief in the first week and its effect can last for up to six months.

A solution offered at CEO Medic

There are several options for relieving knee pain caused by osteoarthritis: lifestyle modification, oral medication, viscosupplementation, knee brace, up to surgery. The team at the CEO Medic knee clinic will be able to tell you if Cingal® is a solution to consider in your situation. Moreover, the product is available quickly in the clinic, under prescription from your doctor and at a very competitive price!

Save Money

At, you will find a wealth of information on Cingal® as well as on the dedicated insurance coverage helpline. In addition, you have online access to a discount coupon of $ 25 applicable for each injection.


To learn more about Cingal® viscosupplementation, do not hesitate to contact the team at CEO Medic’s knee clinic.

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