The knee pain is very frequent. It’s important to know that the knee is a large and complexe articulation. That’s why the knee is more vulnerable to trauma, aging, and arthrosis.

A constant pain

The impact of knee pain can be terrible for those who suffer from it. Depending on the level of the pain, it can affect the day-to-day life when causing restrictions in the movements, in profesionnal activities and in sports performance.

The main types of pain

Knee arthrosis

With the aging of the population, we hear more and more about knee arthrosis, and there’s a reason. That knee pain, also called gonarthrosis, touches around 10 % of Canadians and is responsible for 80 % of arthrosis cases on it’s own, and is diagnosed at average 50,4 years old. The result is that the meniscus wears, causing friction of bone on the other. When the meniscus is affected, the pain intensifies.

Of course, it’s impossible to change your age or genetic data. But you can certainly slow the progression of the hillness down. In fact, by the choice of sports you practice and also the wear of an orthosis to keep you knee aligned, or reduce the charge, it helps to delay the progression.

Knee valgus and knee varus

No, it has nothing to do with the incantation of a witch, but is actualy a deflection of the lower extremity of the knee. So, a knee valgus is seen when leg is angled inward, both legs in a X form.

While people with knee varus frequently have legs angled outward. If an attempt to put the legs together is made, there won’t be no contact between both knees.

Ligament strain or sprained knee

The sprained knee is a severe ligament injury. It’s the ligaments – streched from one bone to another – who assured the stability of the articulation. The sports fans are very vulnerable to those type of injuries.

What to do?

There are other types of knee pain, like the patellofemoral syndrome and the knee instability, for example. Maybe your knee pain is the result of a bad posture, biomechanical deficiency, an injury or infection.

Solutions exist

Are you experiencing pain? Consult an orthotist right away at the CEO Médic knee clinic.

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