Orthotists-prosthetists are health professionals who assess the biomechanics in order to design, fix and adjust orthotic equipment such as orthoses and prostheses.


Orthoses can be used in the rehabilitation process to support, to stabilize or to correct motor or joint impairment or to improve functional limitations. Orthoses are used as a short term or long-term solution for the rehabilitation of a patient. It can be knee, plantar, body and even plagiocephaly helmets.


Protheses are used to replace a missing limb.

A full range of orthoses

The range of orthopedic devices includes among others:

How to design an orthosis?

To design an orthosis or prosthesis that will meet the patient’s needs, the orthotist-prosthetist will create a biomechanical profile and take impressions of the limb. Those imprints give all the details needed to design a custom orthosis or prosthesis.

The Evolution of Technology

Orthotists-prosthetists used to take the patient’s imprint with plaster strips and make the orthosis manually. Now, they are using 3D scan and computer systems to design and manufacture orthoses.

Orthotists-prosthetists: Multitaskers!

The work of an orthotist-prosthetist is not limited to designing orthopedic equipment: This healthcare professional takes part in the rehabilitation process, adjusts the devices and informs the patient about the maintenance of such devices.

Licensed Professionals

Orthotists-prosthetists must have a license from the Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec. They can sell orthoses and prostheses only to patients who have a medical prescription.

That being said, you can consult an orthotist-prosthetist without a prescription, because he has the skills to assess your biomechanics and make recommendations. If you need orthopedic equipment, he will advise you to consult a doctor to get a diagnosis, and if needed, the required prescription.

Better Safe than Sorry! Consult an orthotist-prosthetist

If you have foot, knee or hip pain, or if your child shows signs of discomfort while walking or during sport, an orthosis might be the solution.

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