Who says September, says back to school or work, but also for many of us a return to physical activity and sports. Whether for you or your children, a good foot orthotics can optimize your daily performance and reduce many risks of long-term injuries.

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Tiny feet: prevention for the future


Even if they are not yet in school, toddlers walk, run and climb everywhere. Their little feet are used all day long, so it is important to make sure that your children do not feel pain. Some problems like flat or hollow feet may require to wear foot orthotics.

From birth until around 2 years old, babies have flat feet * because of the baby’s fat at the foot arch area, so there is no need to worry. It is between 2 and 6 years that the foot hollow, that the foot arch is defined *. Over the age of 10, flat feet can become a problem if they are related with pain. In this case, custom-made foot orthotics will relieve the pain and prevent future feet or even knee problems.

It is important to carefully observe the feet and gait of your young child. A haphazard or unstable gait may indicate a problem. If in doubt, consult an orthotist and following a biomechanical assessment, he can advise you on the best treatment.

* Volpon JB. Footprint analysis during the growth period. J Pediatr Orthop 1994; 14: 83-5.

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For an active return to school


Returning to school also means returning to more physical activities. Children walk to school, they run in the playground, it is the resumption of gym classes and maybe even their favorite sport like hockey or basketball. It is important that they can move around without hassle and above all without pain.

If you observe symptoms such as rapid fatigue during sports, foot pain, frequent falls or even feet that point inward, it is recommended that you consult an orthotist-prosthetist. They will be able to assess whether your child needs foot orthotics.

Custom-made foot orthotics can reduce muscle pain and fatigue, prevent deformities and problems in adult life, and improve your child mobility, posture and gait. Foot orthotics can be adapted to everyday or athletic shoes and even skates. In addition, the costs of plantar orthotics are often reimbursed by group insurance.


Foot health; for young and old


For older children too, September rhymes with back to school or sports. High school, College, University or even at work, all find a more active rhythm after a more relax summer. More walking, return to sports and extracurricular activities, return to the gym or to your hockey league.

Feet pain and fatigue can take a toll on everyday life or sports. It is important for children , teenagers or adults (young or old) to consult an orthotist-prosthetist in the event of pain. Foot problems such as flat feet, hollow feet, plantar fasciitis or hallux valgus (bunion) can lead to long term knee or even back problems due to lower limb misalignment. In some cases, a knee brace may be necessary, for example following a sports injury or osteoarthritis.

iBrace offers several choices of knee braces that can meet your needs and relieve your knee pain.

The orthotist-prosthetist can perform a biomechanical analysis and recommend the best foot orthotics or knee brace according to your lifestyle or your activities. They can even refer you to a healthcare professional in the event of a more serious problem that may require surgery.

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Several options for plantar orthotics



Whether for street shoes, running shoes or skates, several choices of custom foot orthotics are available at CEO Médic. Delicate, rigid or sporty foot orthotics, we can manufacture the perfect orthotics for you. CEO Médic is there to make your back to school the most confortable.

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